Futsal Rules

1. The game of Futsal is played on a court.
2. From the kick-off the ball must be played forward.
3. 5 players per team on court at once.
4. Unlimited flying substitutions i.e. players can re-enter the game as many times without notifying the referee, this includes goalkeepers.
5. There is no offside.
6. Sideline kick-ins – The ball is placed on the sideline and kicked to another player.
7. For a goal to be scored, all of the ball has to be over all of the line.
8. A goal cannot be scored from a kick-in unless it touches another player.
9. The goalkeeper can throw the ball over half way line on the full.
10. Goalkeeper throws the ball in (instead of a goal kick) unless he/she saves it, then it can be drop kicked, punted, thrown or dribbled. Over the two-thirds line on the full.
11. Goalkeeper has 4 seconds time limit to control the ball in general play unless he is in the oppositions half of the court.
12. Goalkeepers are not allowed to pick up a back pass from any of their team players.
13. Once the goalkeeper has released the ball from his possession he can not receive it back unless it has been over the halfway line or touched by an opposing player. This is called two touch – indirect free-kick against.
14. Goalkeepers can make “flying substitutions” without waiting for stoppage in play.
15. Maximum of 12 players per team, per game.
16. No slide tackling or rough play.
17. 4 second time limit on kick-ins and free kicks starting when player is in position to play ball in.
18. A player can score a goal direct from a corner.
19. Players are not allowed to play the ball whilst on the ground except the goalkeeper who can only do this within the goal “D”.
20. Dangerous play is not allowed.
21. Should the ball hit the ceiling, the opposing team restarts play with a kick-in.
22. The second penalty mare is 10 metres from the goal line.
23. Players are allowed to go anywhere on the court.
24. When the goalkeeper restarts the game with a throw in the ball must go outside the “D” before any other player touches it.
25. Both feet must be outside the court or on the line for a sideline kick-in.