• Each child will have their own desk and 10 x 15 ft space to work.
  • Daily temperature checks for students and staff.
  • Staff and students 10 yrs + must wear masks. Students 10 years and younger do not have to wear a mask but it is recommended.
  • We believe by being in a smaller group setting we can offer more individualized attention, plus guaranteeing constant disinfection of the facility.
  • Students will still be able to socialize with peers in a more controlled environment.
  • Daily PE activity.

Covid-19 Safety Measures:

We are an 18,000 sq ft facility with high ceilings and ample space for social distancing, however we will still enforce a max enrollment of 20 kids per camp (below 25% capacity).

Each morning we will measure children's temperature for any fever or covid symptoms.

Children must wash hands or use hand sanitizer as soon as they enter the facility, before and after playing in the field, after using the bathroom, and before and after eating.

If anyone in your household is sick we ask to please do not send children to camp. If we notice a fever or any symptoms, we will call you for immediate pick up.


We have increased our disinfecting protocol, and a third party company DIS.IN.FX, treats the entire facility with hospital grade disinfectants and an antimicrobial coating on a regular basis.

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